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Academy Sports Display and Fixture Install
July 6, 2017
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National Display & Fixture Installation

Our team is ready to handle your retail decor redesign. We can install all materials, including wall coverings, wallpaper, vinyl hanging banners, three-dimensional lettering, signage and more.We consider all the aspects that might affect the project in any way.We gather data that allows us to formulate the best plan of action for your unique needs. A site survey will give you a piece of mind and ensures that we have everything we need to do a perfect job.

We have experience installing many types of fixtures, and more:

  • Storage shelving for backroom racks
  • Cantilever systems for heavy-duty lumber and material racks
  • Wood and metal counters, cabinets, and motorized checkouts
  • All major brands of gondola/wall shelving
  • All types of heavy-duty pallet rack, straddle rack, sled rack, and other styles of storage racks
  • Wood, metal, glass, and all types of fabric partitions/work stations
  • Metal and wood pharmacy shelving, including under-counter units and accessories
  • Interior signage, d├ęcor packages, aisle markers, carts, and crowd-control railings
  • Wire grid fixtures
  • Food displays

Remember, there are many parties that need to be part of the rollout schedule. These include you as the client, our staff handling the rollout as well as other third parties that might be involved in providing materials important to its implementation, for example, the supplier of shop fittings.

At Legacy National Installers, we ensure your project runs efficiently and on schedule from start to finish.

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